All good things must come to an end

In its new space, Clima started the new year with Hugo Scibetta’s show titled All good things must come to an end. In his first solo show in Italy, the artist leads the audience into the exhibition designed as an “apartment gallery” divided into three separate rooms. Defined as a digital native, Scibetta focuses on the relations to the constant of overflow of inputs that are available through the web and how that continuous inflow can be not only translated but also brought back to materiality.

courtesy Marco Davolio, installation view

Installation view – Courtesy of Marco Davolio

The first and the second rooms host a series of blurred works that take their initial inspiration from the endless scrolling the artist has done at Contemporary Art Daily. The infamous website hosting a large number of images from all around the world also comes across as a point of constant inflow of digital images to the viewer. Therefore, Scibetta selects a random image from the website and chooses to enlarge it slowly – until the images carries no specific meaning and becomes blurry. Carried out on the canvas with the method of inkjet printing, the background is created through a similar step thus creating numberless layers the audience has to process in order to understand the work that points out to today’s super consumption of images through the screen”.

courtesy Marco Davolio, installation view

Installation view – Courtesy of Marco Davolio

As the viewers are lead in the back room, the audience is confronted with two works from the watercolor format that resemble a unified one upon entrance. The images that were taken from a random online archive by the artist were inspired by the en plain air technique but thus recreated in a computerized way. Choosing these images of the Miami Harbor, the artist decontextualizes them through reframing, water coloring and by turning them into colorless photos.


Installation view – Courtesy of Marco Davolio

Two of the chairs at the exhibition space are also transformed into bodies of work that belong to the artist’s sculpture attempt series. The sculptures that tackle the significance of reproduction are composed by the 3d reproductions of medieval amphoras which are part of the online digital archive of the Lincoln Foundation in New York with the scans of Oliver Larin. The balance and therefore the tension created through the placement of the chair in relation to the wall plays on the idea of originality and art while losing and altering the original texture of the material in process.

courtesy of Marco Davolio, installation view

Installation view – Courtesy of Marco Davolio

After opening their first exhibition at Fonderia Battaglia with Color my life with the chaos of trouble featuring Jason Gomez, Matteo Nasini and Alberto Scodro; Clima now has its own space in Via Stradella 5, Milano. Clima is the solo project of Francesco Lecci who has previously worked with CareOf Docva, Alessandro De March Gallery, Fluxia, Fiorucci Art Trust, BOFFO N.Y.C. All good things must come to an end by Hugo Scibetta will be open for visitors until the 31st of January.



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