Tenombra – Nico Vascellari at Marsèlleria

Courtesy the artist Photo: Carola Merello

Courtesy the artist – Photo: Carola Merello

Marsèlleria and Nico Vascellari joined forces one more time as the artist was invited to take over the exhibition space for a night with Tenombra which provided an intense preview into the groundwork of the artist’s new works and processes presented for the first time in Milan. Operating as an experimental space open to the public, the passage through the contra-distinct floors of Marsèlleria is an intense and evolutionary trip into the psyche of the artist.


Courtesy the artist and Marsèlleria Photo: Carola Merello

Upon entrance, we are welcomed into the first part of the space through a metallic representation of transition between night and day with Earthrise. As the lucid play of lights go on, the audience is confronted with Imperlato di rugiada which has a funerary manifestation due to the nature of the work. Placed on the floor, the cremated raven is a contradistinctive perspective to the rules of nature – a concept which has always been prominent in Vascellari’s works.


Courtesy the artist – Photo: Carola Merello

As the audience leads its way to get a more in-depth understanding of the source of the noise surrounding the exhibition, they are confronted with a room of darkness. In link with Vascellari’s artistic route in sync with musicality, the sound coming from foxes as they have intercourse becomes an integral part of Tenombra. Paradoxical with the nature of the space itself, the stairs lead to a rather ambiguous travel into the wilderness which is intense, violent and monotonous at the same time.

Courtesy the artist - Photo: Carola Merello

Courtesy the artist – Photo: Carola Merello

The top floor of the space holds in display three other works which carry a certain degree of romance underneath inside its radicalism. The tension created through the bronze funnel Giving birth to something dead which leads its way through the glass creates a strong synthesis of all that is involved: the artist, the viewer, the space and the “outside world”. Placed on the wall, When the light takes us is also a strong link with Vascellari’s connections with music as they create an atmosphere resembling the outskirts of the artist’s hometown – Vittorio Veneto – through the combination of “Burzum” t-shirts that were placed together the day before the exhibition.


Courtesy the artist – Photo: Carola Merello

Tenombra works perfectly as a representation of the artist’s processes which are far away from static. With the utilization of diverse methodologies, perceptions and materials the artist guides us through a multi-layered environment that is in unconditional harmony with the physical characteristics of the space. There is movement, there is change and there is an intense narrative all around through which the visitors are invited into making their own associations. Not all surreal worlds last long but as long as they do only some succeed in becoming as real as this one.



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