SansSouci Issue #1 – Magazine Bestiary

SansSouci is pleased to announce the release of the first Issue: Bestiary. Several special guests participated to the opening cocktail party at the Italian Embassy in Paris, on October 25, such as the former Prime Minister Enrico Letta, Bernard Stirn president of Opera Paris, Max Moulin from Insitut Français, the ambassador Giandomenico Magliano and Giada Santasilia.

SansSouci Issue #1 Magazine Bestiary

SansSouci is a series of collectors’ objects that every year change format. Introduced to the public in exclusive numbered copies, only few people can own a SansSouci edition. Released once a year, SansSouci features different artists in each issue. Some of the names in Issue #1 are, among the others, Barnaba Fornasetti, Philippe Parreno, Martin Parr, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Tala Madani, Stefano Giovannoni, Patrick Tuttofuoco and Rainer Ganahl.

SansSouci Issue #1 Magazine Bestiary

If the Issue #1 is a collection of pictures, SansSouci is a project with images in all their forms. Bestiary is large-format and visually-driven magazine, international in scope and based on a big collaborative spirit. The Issue #1 will be distributed to the most important museums and cultural institutions in the world. SansSouci is about contemporary art with a capital A, and all the themes that go with it: music, design, architecture.


Promoting the passion for artistic collaborations, creativity and innovation, SansSouci hopes to stimulate new dialogues. Moreover, healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the flourishing of humans. In this sense SansSouci is actively engaged and certified in Eco Sustainability, calculating the emissions of greenhouse gases, and offsetting the remaining emissions through actions of protection of Italian forests. Arty, ecological, chic…in a nutshell: SansSouci.

SansSouci Issue #1 Magazine Bestiary

Artists in the Issue #1: Martin Parr, Dario Guccio, Erik Sandberg, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Jacques Habbah, Alice Rosati, Barnaba Fornasetti & Valeria Manzi, Giovanni Gastel, Lisa Dalfino, Luis Fernando Benedit, Peter Buggenhout, Dan Hillier, Jason Roher, Luigi Presicce, Riccardo Beretta, Jacopo Foggini, Pierpaolo Ferrari, Peppe Tortora, Chie-Chi Chang, Harry Gruyaert, Richard Kalvar, Trent Parke, Alan Chies, Philippe Parreno, Iris Touliatou, Philippe Durand, Gérard Traquandi…

SansSouci Issue #1 Magazine Bestiary

…Gonzalo Lebrija, Bouke de Vries, Davide Stucchi, Beatrice Marchi, Nico Vascellari, John Isaacs, Francesco Joao Scavarda, Matteo Graziani, Julian Prebisch, Hidde Van Schie, Michele Gabriele, Tala Madani, Valerialaura Rapoport & Luis David Golberg, Ditroit, Jochen Schmith, Mark Van Yetter, Stefano Giovannoni, Azuma Makoto, Robert Müller, Matt Pyke, Rainer Ganahl, Thomas Julier, Daniele Milvio.




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