Is Seminato the new Carrara Marble?

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

One of the best titles I have read this year is “Stone Age” ( Miguel Figueroa, Pin Up 15). PIN–UP is an architecture and design magazine, the latest editors’ obsession has possibly been Italian marble, and in the article mentioned above, there are several references to concepts that have been developed with marble, such as architectures, sculptures, prints. I started researching about granite, glass, marble, and quartz one year ago. In february 2013 I introduced the a granite-framed pencil drawings on paper by Andrea Romano. And this edition of MiArt fair just confirmed this trend if we consider the quantity of marble works presented at the fair.

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

We are facing a Stone Age, Minimalism died, and we are inspired by the richness of marbles from Renaissance palazzi to contemporary temples of retail or travel. But Carrara marble has been used since the time of Ancient Rome. The city of Massa, in particular, saw much of its plan redesigned for new roads, piazze, intersections, pavés. Following the extinction of the Malaspina family, the state was ruled by the House of Austria and management of the mines rested with them and today there is the Marble Museum, taking care of the estate. According to a New York Times article of 1894, workers in the marble quarries were among the most neglected labourers in Italy. The debate about stopping the marble extraction for human rights reasons in that area is still going on.

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

Now the new obsession of Pin Up’s creative director Felix Burrichter, seems to be for Seminato. And I follow him on this new wave. Seminato has been too often ignored or disregarded. In Italy, floors are generally made of marble or the so-called Seminato, or “sown floor”. The inspiration comes from Venetian floors were the original decorations were created by using the variety of colors of marble. Even the masters of this ancient craft could not imagine the vast echo this idea would have in later centuries, embellishing the most elegant palaces and most magnificent residences with poor materials. The Venetian flooring is present almost everywhere; in Genoa, in particular, acquires its own characteristics in the style of the decorations in marble mosaic hence, the name “Genoese Floor.”

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

Courtesy of Pomo Galerie

Pomo Galerie is taking in serious consideration this new Stone Age. Opened few months ago in Milan as a space for dialogue about aesthetics, it is also the public expression of Pomo Studio, innovative research design and communication consultancy for cultural and commercial clients. In occasion of the opening tomorrow, they are presenting the work by Delfino Sisto Legnani, photographer, graduated in architecture. Delfino collaborates with important international and Italian magazines, artists, museums, and architecture and design teams. He develops photographic research projects focused on the changes in society in relation to the territory and this time he will present his reflections about Seminato.


 Pomo Galerie

Delfino Sisto Legnani


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