Primavera 2 at Cneai

Courtesy of Melissa Tan and CNEAI =

Courtesy of Melissa Tan and CNEAI

Primavera evokes a sense of spring and (re)beginnings. What does it mean to resume ones artistry in a foreign land? How does one live in a transient space without falling into uniformity? How does one integrate into their surroundings and create their own path through a forest of foreign signs? How does one manipulate their iconography in order not to conform to the expectations of others? How does Paris move one to feel? How does one proceed to prune, transcode and translate the signs around them? The end of their residency finds the artists inspired by the sounds of Paris; their translations can be observed as a tactile “soundscape” of Paris. Primavera 2 is an exhibition of the 2013 Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art artists in residency programme with promotions by Hannah Ryggen at Centre National Edition Art Image (CNEAI), with support from the National Arts Council of Singapore, the city of Milan, the Museo Riso Palermo, the MARCA and Provincia di Catanzaro. Curated by Valentine Meyer and Andrea Fam (Singapore).

Melissa Tan is a designer and sculptor of paper. She has a predilection for ephemeral themes such as crystal formations and the transformations of landscapes. Saying that she explored the streets for this project takes on literality as her work is bound to the pavements of Paris. Using the indentations and markings made out of the stone and gravel that she photographed, Melissa creates musical scores that she feeds through three music boxes. This is her first experimentation with sound sculpture and the product is an abstract soundscape of Paris. Born in 1990, Melissa Tan graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. Her works have been shown at SAM 8Q (Sg); the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore; Strata Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery (Ldn). She also recently participated in the TV show of OKTO “Watch this space.”

Courtesy of Riccardo Banfi and CNEAI =

Courtesy of Riccardo Banfi and CNEAI

Riccardo Banfi captures the Paris electronic scene in his photographs. He choreographs his scenography to translate the energy witnessed in the photographs and encourages us to dance and experience this energy in places whose inherent identity is not intended for such a purpose. Born in 1986, Riccardo Banffi graduated in Fine Arts from the IUAV in Venice. He measuredly photographs, films and directs what he knows and loves best: the youth, clubbing and electro scenes in Europe. Among the places his works have exhibited include: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice); Casa dei Tre Oci (Venice); Agora (Berlin); International Festival of short film from Geneva (Geneva); LOOP Video Art Festival (Barcelona). He was also an artist-in-residence at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa (Venice) in 2012.

Paolo Parisi creates an ephemeris from his paintings. Capturing everyday experiences, Paolo paints his various invitations to cultural events and overlays them on photographs he has taken. By the use of solid colors, he invites us to project a new space between painting and architecture, intimate and collective. Born in 1965 in Catana, Paolo Parisi lives and works in Florence, where he co-founded the artist-run space “Base / Progetti per l’Arte”. For him “art is experienced as a cognitive act through its various materials and processes. The change of perception and the formation of a personal point of view is fundamental to my work. Initially I explored painting as the basis for my work – it becomes a link between painting and sculpture, mixing the two track prospects for collective and elementary geography.” His work has been presented at RISO | Museum of Contemporary Art, Palermo; Brodbeck Foundation, Catania; Contemporary Art Center Luigi Pecci, Prato; Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich; Quarter | Centroproduzione Arte, Florence; CCGA Castel San Pietro Terme, Neon, Bologna; Go Art Bludenz; XIV International Sculpture Biennale, Carrara; MACRO, Rome Korean Design Center, Seoul; Italian Cultural Institute, Tokyo; Museum of Fine Arts, Hanoi; White House, Singapore; Marella Gallery, Beijing; Galleria Civica Montevergini, Siracusa.

Courtesy of Bruce Quek and CNEAI =

Courtesy of Bruce Quek and CNEAI

Bruce Quek, in addition to transcoding pictures of city lights is for the first time accompanying this developing project with sound. To overcome the fact that we can no longer see the stars at night in the city, Bruce focuses on the modern city’s new form of navigation – urban streetlights. The subtlety of his work comes from the fact that one cannot identify what exactly is being projected – both images and sounds serve to decrease the level of familiarity found in his work. Born in 1986, Bruce Quek lives and works in Singapore. A graduate of Fine Arts (Hons) at Lasalle College the Arts in Singapore, his work has exhibited at SAM 8Q (Sg) and The Substation (Sg). His projects tend to take the distribution and dissemination of information as starting points for various conceptual investigations, critiques of artistic infrastructure, and other wanderings. He takes an interest in many things, but maintains an unhealthy fascination with emergent behaviour, pathological transference, and puns.

Alessandro di Pietro questions the layered nature of audience viewership through his interpretive presentation of Gaspard Noé’s film, “Enter the Void”; presented is a measured orchestration of Alessandro’s documentation of the film. Born between 1988 and 1993, Alessandro di Pietro lives and works in Milan. He graduated with honors from the University of Fine Arts of Brera and is interested in monsters, performance and invention of standards and their dissemination. One example is a ‘false’ Documenta guide that he made from images he captured with a hand-held scanner during his four-day hideout in the exhibition. From these images he published a book whose appearance is identical to the official guide but whose difference is in the non-recognition of the work featured. He has exhibited in the group show “On File” in Platform Space MNAC ANNEX in Bucharest and “Constructed System” as an artist in residence at VIR VIAFARINI in Milan.

Courtesy of Laura Stancanelli and CNEAI =

Courtesy of Laura Stancanelli and CNEAI

Laura Stancanelli’s work focuses on our ability to listen to one another. Audio speakers are placed in a perforated wall and act as a reminder that the word – the spoken voice – in its diversity has the ability to destroy the wall of indifference often found in major cities. Born in 1982 in Catania, she studied Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia and Catanzaro. As a volunteer in cooperatives and rehabilitation centers in the Calabrian region, she is presented with on-the-ground opportunities to practice her questioning of woven social bonds through her performances and installations.

Andrea Fam is first a curator and then an artist. Both her curatorial and artistic practices are informed by a focus on ever-changing socio-political landscapes. She is currently an assistant trainee to the head of exhibitions at La maison rouge where she helped set-up the show “Theatre of the World”, curated by Jean-Hubert Martin. Born in 1987, Andrea graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Criticism, Communication and Curation. In 2013 she set up BAN—FAM, an art and design studio, with studio partner Vanessa Ban. BAN—FAM creates and curates contemporary art as well as produces design for art and culture. BAN—FAM has exhibited as part of the group show “Not Too Far Away” at 2902 Gallery (Sg) and recently held their first solo show titled, “1 Dimensional Society”, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (Sg); the show was un hommage to Herbert Marcuse’s text, One-Dimensional Man.




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