Graphset – Replica

Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist

Replica is a series of 8 portraits shot on Impossible film with the Instant Lab. As the first exhibition of its kind, Replica combines 3D computer-generated imagery with instant film, exploring relations between virtuality and reality. «In this series, I wanted to do the opposite of classic portrait photography which is always about capturing the moment, the instant of truth. Here, the model is at first shot at 360°. The set of images I get is then compiled to create a 3D model of the subject, transfering it to the virtual world. The model can then be edited : deformed, textured, enhanced. Light, focus and positionning are also decided during this digital step. Once the image is complete, it is exposed on Impossible film through the Instant Lab.» Trompe-l’oeil images result of this blend of two antinomic technologies : the misleading digital meeting the irrefutable analogue.

Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist

«With Replica, the computer generated 3D image isn’t trying to convince the viewer of it’s veracity. On the contrary, it plays upon aesthetic codes of digital glitches and exposes itself as the result of a digital manipulation. It is the «printing» of these images on instant film that gives this hybrid work all of its tension.»

Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist

Mikkael Doczekalski lives in Paris and works as Graphset since 2007. Graphset covers an extended range of graphic design: from printed objects, to motion design, via volume and stage design. His productions result of an atypical academic and professional background. Trained, at first, to automation techniques, he started his career in industrial robotics. He therefore developed a special graphical logic and method that he blended into his creative works, when entering the Ecole Nationale Superieur d’Art de Paris/Cergy in 2002. His experience in motion design started in 2009 through vj-ing and his participation to various european festivals (Nuits Sonores/fr, Mapping Festival/ch, …). This field of activity expanded to artistic collaborations, in 2010 with the musician Pixel (Raster Noton) who he created a dedicated visual set for, and in 2011 with dj & producer Max Cooper for the production of the track Echoes Reality’s music video. At the end of 2012, he produced a video piece for the Enghien les Bains Arts Center (Tomten), featuring music by Ben Frost, followed closely by the direction of a videoclip for the band Tahiti 80. These works, amongst others, define Graphset’s work as a constant exchange between graphic design and digital arts.

The Impossible Project



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