Methods – Julien Carretero

ⓒ Laetitia Bica

ⓒ Laetitia Bica

Methods exhibition, at Victor Hunt, Brussels, is presenting the groundbreaking French designer Julien Carretero’s recent explorations of metal in all it’s variations and their particular processes following his research of the past three years and resulting in an extended batch of recent works to be discovered, highlighting the essences of the material.

ⓒ Laetitia Bica

ⓒ Laetitia Bica

The exhibition will be representing the latest limited edition named Contrast, launched in June at Design Miami/ Basel, composed of six different designs in different metals emphasizing the contrasts inherent to all main alloy’s within the industrial world – all lighting, realised exclusively for Victor Hunt Designart Dealer.

ⓒ Laetitia Bica

ⓒ Laetitia Bica

Additionally there will be a particular attention for the recent Stencil edition – based upon the principles of renewable textile molds for aluminium casting of structures – supported by the documentary produced by Victor Hunt to enlighten the process of the project.

ⓒ Julien Carretero

ⓒ Julien Carretero

Last but not least, there will be an overview of all of the designer’s main projects since his graduation at Design Academy, such as his graduation To be Continued and Drag projects.

Victor Hunt Gallery 

Julien Carretero


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