Summer is here – Yap

Courtesy of bam!

Courtesy of bam!

YAP MAXXI is the annual program for the promotion and support of young architecture organized in collaboration with MoMA / MoMA PS1 in New York, Constructo in Santiago, Chile, and for the first time, the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul, Turkey. The program stipulates that each year an emerging architecture studio creates an installation able to offer visitors a space for the summer events of the museum and a place with “shade, water and area to relax.”

Courtesy of Maxxi

Courtesy of Maxxi

He is the installation of the Turin based studio bam!, a big and lightweight structure, which will fluctuate in the air above the square of the MAXXI providing shades and water spectacles during the day and light during night. The installation He will be inaugurated in the square of the MAXXI in conjunction with projects Party Wall CODA – winner of YAP 2013 New York – in the courtyard of MoMA / MoMA PS1 and Sky Spotting Stop from the studio SO? Istanbul – winner of YAP 2013 in Turkey – in the square of Istanbul Modern Art Museum.

Courtesy of Maxxi

Courtesy of Maxxi

In Santiago de Chile instead, the installation The Garden of Forking Paths Study Beal + Lyons Architects – winner of the Chilean YAP 2012 – will be inaugurated on March 7, 2013. The installation He opens up the agenda of YAP SUMMER PROGRAM with music, events, meetings dedicated to design, architecture, fashion, poetry, in the museum plaza, until the end of September.

MAXXI Museum



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