The breath of water

© Susanna Majuri

© Susanna Majuri

The first international exhibition of the 2013 season at Macula, at the Grand Staircase Vanvitelliano of Pesaro, is The Breath of Water, personal exhibition of the Finnish photographer Susanna Majuri, one of the most representative of the Helsinki School.

© Susanna Majuri

© Susanna Majuri

Her works are complex constructions in which the element of water flows as a narrative stream, poetic fluxus that runs through all her work, transporting places and mostly female characters: Susanna plunges into the water her actors within scenarios previously photographed, then securing the stories into a final image. The results are extremely exciting visions: to observe her work is like stepping back in apnea of her dreams, to be sucked into narrative vortices ready to overflow, as film frames in their main scene.

© Susanna Majuri

© Susanna Majuri

The exhibition opening has been enhanced by the musical performance “Shells, water and seeds” by Antonio Coatti and Sandro Grassia, a concert where the magical sounds made with the shells were mixed with electronic ones from a nifty tool made ​​of laser and movements of water.

© Susanna Majuri

© Susanna Majuri

Born in Helsinki in 1978, after graduating from the Turku Art Academy and a master’s degree in photography at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Susanna Majuri is well known for her images  full of poetry, and her dreamy approach to the photographic language.


Selected by Ingrid Melano


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