Running Water, What Are Your Running From?

Some artists knock directly at the door of your heart. For me Ryan McGinley, photographer from New Jersey, is one of them: “drawn from skateboard, music, graffiti, and gay culture, the subjects of Ryan McGinley’s photographs interact with the camera with a self-conscious candour that is at once shocking, banal, alluring and repulsive. The images exhibited at the Whitney showed McGinley’s friends and lovers enacting the daily rituals of contemporary youth culture: they hang out, have sex, do drugs, go to gigs, and romp naked in the woods” (Contemporary Magazine).

© Ryan McGinley

© Ryan McGinley

Yesterday opened the exhibition in Frankfurt Running Water, What Are Your Running From? at Bischoff Projects. If you want to know more about his wonderful work check the Studio Visit by NYTimes, but don’t forget to have a look of his website, cause it will go deep at the essence of your practices.

Ryan McGinley

Bischoff Projects


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