BERLIN Gallery Weekend 26-28 April 2013

Don’t miss Berlin Gallery Weekend, on 26-28 April, 51 galleries will present a comprehensive overview of current trends in the art market. Participating galleries and artists:

© Alex Israel

© Alex Israel

Galerie Guido W. Baudach ? Thilo Heinzmann: In the current space on Savignyplatz and in the future space in the Tagesspiegel-Hochhaus on Potsdamer Strasse, Galerie Guido W. Baudach will present a seventh solo exhibition with new work by Thilo Heinzmann. For almost twenty years, Thilo Heinzmann has been dedicated to the development of new compositional possibilities within the broad field of painting.

Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie ? Oscar Murillo: Mainly textile work, but also mixed-media installations will be on display in the new project space on Bülowstrasse and in a bunker on Lützowstrasse. Oskar Murillo?s works reveal an often political statement, addressing issues of social class, economy and industrial production through material and working practices.

BQ ? Alexandra Bircken: In her sculptures, the artist combines textile fragments with things found in nature, hand-made objects and items with an industrial origin, establishing a relationship between biological processes, industrial production and technology. Parallel during the exhibition period, an installation by the artist will be on display in the pavillion of the Volksbühne on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Galerie Buchholz ? Tomma Abts: The British artist will show a group of new images and large-format drawings.

Buchmann Galerie ? Bettina Pousttchi: Following the photo installation ?Framework? for the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt in 2012, here another extensive photographic work is the focus. Since 2008, Bettina Pousttchi has been photographing public clocks in different cities. The body of work will be finished at the end of 2013 when shots from 24 time zones together depict a ?photographic world clock?.

Capitain Petzel ? Maria Lassnig: Since the beginning of her artistic practice in the 1940s, with her painting and drawing the Austrian artist has been concerned almost exclusively with the visualization of internal bodily sensations. Maria Lassnig, born in 1919, has gained widespread international attention, in particular with her participation in the 1980 Venice Biennial and documenta in 1982 and 1997. Capitain Petzel will mainly show paintings and drawings directly from the artist?s studio.

Carlier | Gebauer ? Michel François: In this solo exhibition by Michel François ?Pieces of Evidence?, new objects are mounted as in an evidence room with the exhibition space as the setting. Independent of medium or material, with François objects become sculptures from which he draws inspiration for his photographs, videos, installations, performances and curatorial projects. Kirsi Mikkola / Jessica Rankin: In addition to the work from Michel François, works from Jessica Rankin can be seen in the project room and from Kirsi Mikkola in the showroom.

Galerie Mehdi Chouakri ? Hans-Peter Feldmann:
Hans-Peter Feldmann?s latest work was inspired by a booth still under construction at Art Basel. In the projection of a spotlight on an empty wall he saw an artwork in itself. In keeping with his penchant for the ?unhinging? of exhibition formats or his fascination with the everyday, Feldmann lets oblong flecks of light fall on blue- and green-painted gallery walls ? along with picture hooks. Significantly, the artist refers in this way to moments of the art market.

Circus ? Özlem Altin: In her multi-layered collages and installations, Özlem Altin combines found images with her own photographs, paintings and sculptural works. Her solo exhibition ?Cathartic Ballet? revolves around the representation of subjectivity and the simultaneous manifestation of presence and absence. The associative image-semantics that emerge paint a lyrical psychological portrait of inner states and the external constraints of human existence.

Contemporary Fine Arts ? Thomas Kiesewetter: Open vistas and compact volume, largesse and detailed precision, light forms and heavy metal ? the sculptures of Thomas Kiesewetter subsist on dissonance. /Markus Bacher: His work oscillates between representation and abstraction. Figurative or landscape associations are possible but not challenged. The many-leveled meaning is secondary to the scenic effect.

Galerie Crone ? Jerszy Seymour: Like a time capsule, ?The Universe Wants to Play? places people at the beginning and end of the world. Everyday materials in the here-and-now, at once primordial and futuristic. Here one struggles against demons, loves the future and clamors for the present. ?The Universe Wants to Play? peoples one?s own mind and one?s own planet.

Croy Nielsen ? Mandla Reuter

Galerie Eigen+Art ? Carsten Nicolai: Carsten Nicolai?s installation, ?crt mgn? plays with neon tubes transferring light to a picture tube while magnets allow for color shifts and distortions in shape, facilitating a potentially endless archive of images. / Jürgen Mayer H.: On lab premises, Jürgen Mayer H. will show a specially-developed room installation of sculpture and wall painting, as well as a selection of drawings, objects, collages and photographs.

Jan Dibbets

Jan Dibbets

Konrad Fischer Galerie ? Jan Dibbets: For the first time in Germany, Konrad Fischer Galerie will show large-format works from the series ?New Color Studies 1976/2012?. Based on negatives from the 1970s, Dibbets harnesses the technical possibilities of the dramatic enlargement of old subjects.

Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender ? Martha Jungwirth: In the exhibtion ?Pädagogisch Wertlos?, work from the late 1980s and early 1990s showing her abstract figurative style will be on display. During her almost half-century-long artistic career, the painter deliberately left no categorizations.

Michael Fuchs Galerie ? Silvia Gertsch & Xerxes Ach: The exhibition ?Silent Moments/Cosmic Light? presents the artist position of Silva Gertsch and Xerxes Ach. Silvia Gertsch?s glass paintings are filled with late summer light photons. She creates an impression, an aesthetic underlaid by a particular sensibility; this is reflected further in the work of Xerxes Achs. The aesthetics are expressed through sensual color experiences.

Gerhardsen Gerner ? Dirk Stewen: In his exhibition ?Paper Sir?, Dirk Stewen integrates photographis into each of the works. They are painted over, turned into negatives and surrounded by abstractions. He thereby exploits his own production, within which the exhibited works are merely points of concentration.

Galerie Michael Haas ? John Isaacs: In his work, the British artist combines conceptual gestures with compositional possibilities, materials and forms of sculpture. Isaac?s work is often located between authentic monumentality and subtle gesticulation; some are brought together in a work in such a way that completely unanticipated form-resonances emerge. / Nicole Bianchet: Large-format wooden panels as well as works made out of paper and torn cardboard will be exhibited ? rationally focussed and obsessed, while also intuitive and emotional.

Galerie Max Hetzler ? Toby Ziegler: All paintings and sculptures in this exhibition, ?Borderine Something?, reference excerpts from Flemish and Spanish still lifes; enlarged, discolored, transformed by computer or by hand, they become studies through which the artist plays with the subject as well as with the ambivalence between abstraction and figuration.

Courtesy of Tate London

Courtesy of Tate London

Johnen Galerie ? Hans-Peter Feldmann: Presented as the focus in ?Kunstausstellung? are images and objects from different sources, mostly from 19th and early 20th century painting. Feldmann continues to draw on the history of image production in all its cultural broadness, from high-art to technical mass production, from children?s books to photographs and postcards. With often humorous interventions, he is able to present the artwork in a contemporary context.

Galerie Kamm ? Christoph Meier: Christoph Meier?s works often emerge as a reaction to something pre-existing, making use of its rational and reactive power, traversing it through several states, all the while underscoring the process with cynicism and dark humor. His sculptures are manipulated, sprayed or simply treated by hand, whereby their previous form, in contrast to the tradition of classical, ancient sculpture, shifts.

Klosterfelde ? Jorinde Voigt: The exhibition ?9 Times Philosophy? presents a new group of drawings based on various philosophical and literary texts. In her drawings, Voigt allows the viewers to participate in her personal process of appropration and her attempts at understanding the texts. The artist condenses what?s been read into notes and abstract surfaces, which become placeholders for her internal images.

© Jorinde Voigt

© Jorinde Voigt

Johann König ? Monica Bonvicini: In the showrooms on Dessauer Straße, Johann König presents the exhibition ?Disegni? by Monica Bonvicini, who is new to the gallery?s program. Using a variety of drawings, it offers an overview of Bonvicini?s work over the last decade. / Alicja Kwade: In the former church of St. Agnes ? before its conversion into a gallery ?Johann König will show Alicja Kwade?s light and sound installation, ?Nach Osten? based on the principle of Foucault?s pendulum.

KOW Berlin ? Michael E. Smith: With his sculptures, images and videos, the Detroit artist portrays the tortured American soul in the early years of the 21st century as an array of ruinous bodies: As a traumatic existence in a paralyzed system that surpresses and denies its vulnerability with violence.

Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler ? Avery Singer: Figures and narratives in paint and text are the focus of Avery Singer?s work. Influenced by the formal terms of these media, she has explored the potential of culture industry subjects and images and has shaped these into new, idealized forms.

Tanya Leighton Gallery ? Aleksandra Domanovic: Her work is focused on the dissemination and reception of images and information, in particular those that effect a shift in meaning and changing entryways in which varying contexts and relationships are touched upon.

© Aleksandra Domanovic

© Aleksandra Domanovic

Meyer Riegger ? Eva Kotátková: The Czech artist focuses her drawings, collages, sculptures, installations and perfomances on the possible ways of perceiving the self. In her work, she attempts to materialize the feeling of mental restriction triggered by our external world through institutional regulations, educational processes and communication conventions.

Moeller Fine Art ? Lyonel Feininger + T. Lux Feininger: The two complementary exhibitions, ?Lyonel Feininger: Drawn from Nature, Carved in Wood? and ?T. Lux Feininger: Sixty Years of Painting? will show sketches, woodcuts, wood carvings and paintings from father and son, reflecting almost a century of artistic development.

Nature Morte Berlin ? AA Bronson & Michael Bühler-Rose: Referencing the tradition of hispanic ?Botanicas? ? religious and magical supply stores ? in America, both the artists AA Bronson and Michael Bühler-Rose play with the idea of the artist as a shaman/priest, the mystical transfiguration of artistic creation, ritual objects, magical supplies, and spiritual consumer behavior.

Galerie Neu ? Jana Euler: Jana Euler?s work will be presented in the gallery?s exhibition rooms. In her painting practice the artist focuses ? in a figurative as well as abstract way ? on the impact of different channels of communication on her social fabric. / Nick Mauss: In the MD72 space, Nick Mauss?s work will be on display, with a broad, mixed lot of varying media that, in their volume, autarchically bring the exhibition room into proportion, generating the simultanaeity of different modes.

Neugerriemschneider ? Isa Genzken: Genzken will show her extensive installation ?Ohne Titel (2007)? from Skulptur Projekte Münster 07. At the time, it was publically installed in front of the Überwasserkirche. /Billy Childish: In a temporary exhibition space on Münzstraße in Berlin-Mitte, there will be paintings from Billy Childish, outlining his complex universe of personal and literary references. / Michel Majerus: The Michael Majerus Estate has invited Charles Asprey to assemble a work presentation of the artist in the onetime atelier and present location of the artist?s estate on Knaackstraße in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Galerie Nordenhake ? Esko Männikkö & Pekka Turunen: Exhibited will be a photoessay by the two Finnish photographers with the title ?Pemoht?, produced between 1989 and 1995 as a testimony to post-Soviet living conditions. They document a bleak, destroyed landscape and severe pollution with serious damage to the ecosystem.

Peres Projects Berlin ? Alex Israel: In a work specially developed for the exhibition entitled ?Self-Portraits? Israel draws on a series of self portaits that he designed as a logo for his project ?As it LAys?, produced by Warner Brothers in glassfiber in different color variations. The artist, originally from Los Angeles, invariably refers to the Hollywood system in the production of his work, and here grapples with the entertainment industry in the city.

Galeria Plan B ? Ciprian Muresan: In this solo exhibition, the Romanian artist will show, among other things, a video work about the borders between harmony and chaos in overlapping acclaimed works, as well as a sculpture out of 50,000 stapled posters printed with the drawing of an empty plastic bag. An X-Ray of a painting by British artist Tom Chamberlain stands as a counterpart to the stapled posters. Reveals it.

Galerija Gregor Podnar ? Goran Petercol: Since 1975, Petercol has occupied himself with the study and and positioning of transcendental objects within processes that are derived from the conceptual art and analytical painting of the 1970s. At the same time, Petercol is working on the recontextualization of the interaction between the viewer and the artwork.

PSM ? Ariel Reichman: For Gallery Weekend Berlin, PSM will be opening its new exhibition space on Köpenicker Strasse. Beginning with an homage to Felix Gonzalez Torres, the Israeli artist Ariel Reichman will show his minimalistic solo presentation, ?Dear Felix, I am sorry but we are just too scared to fly?, which deals with the attention of the viewer.

Aurel Scheibler ? Curt Stenvert: ?Vorstoß ins Niemandsland? is a film by the Austrian filmaker, painter, sculptor and object artist Stenvert (1920 ? 1992). In Stenvert?s work ? along with the references to literature as a constant leitmotif ? there are also elements of past movements, in which personal beliefs reverberate and the concerns of Dada and Surrealism are integrated.

© Ugo Rondinone

© Ugo Rondinone

Esther Schipper ? Ugo Rondinone: In the exhibition, Rondinone takes on the concept of timelessness: On the the floor of the gallery, wooden floorboards are laid, the windows are whited over. On the floor there are 59 small horse sculptures that were first formed by hand in clay and then cast in bronze. Parallel, in the ?Studio Space?, there will be a solo presentation by Ceal Floyer with the extensive installation ?Untitled (Dotted Line)?.

Galerie Micky Schubert ? Daniel Sinsel

Galerie Thomas Schulte ? Alice Aycock: At the center of the American sculptor Alice Aycock?s exhibition is the sculpture ?Super Twister II?, belonging to a group of sculptural assemblages visualizaing the power of wind within her oeuvre. / Franka Hörnschemeyer: In the corner room the gallery there will be a site-specific kinetic installation by Franka Hörnschemeyer.

Sommer & Kohl ? Paul McDevitt: The title of the exhibition, ?A Life Without Shame?, refers to Adam Smith?s seminal text on global capitalism, originating in the Scottish town of Kirkcaldy. In the recent years ? hit hard by the recession ? McDevitt photographed there the showcases of vacant shops, among other things. These photographs are the basis for a new group of paintings on display at the exhibition. Also exhibited will be a second set of works consisting of the drawings from the ongoing series ?Notes to Self?.

Sprüth Magers Berlin ? George Condo: In addition to eight large-format paintings created in 2012, there will be five bronze sculptures from the same year in the George Condo exhibition. / Joseph Kosuth: From Joseph Kosuth, there will be a retrospective of neon works from 1960 to the present. / Richard Artschwager: Richard Artschwager?s exhibition will focus on a current series of portraits that will be shown next to the sculpture ?Exclamation Point (Orange)? from 2010.

Supportico Lopez ? Henri Chopin: The exhibition will show the manuscript ?La Crevette Amoureuse? (1967/1975) by the French avant garde poet Henri Chopin (1922-2008), unprinted until 1994 and only once shown in the group show ?Ecstatic Alphabet?, curated by Laura Hopman, at the MoMA in New York.

Galerie Barbara Thumm ? Anna K.E.: ?Two Whores in the Same Dress? is a multi-media installation at the center of which are two correlated sculptures presented simultaneously as space of interpretation and interactive podium. These objects, so typical for Anna K.E., are constructions defining the private, intimate spaces as well as public space, testifying to a yearning for intimacy. They point to the contrast between private and public actions.

Sassa Trülzsch ? Roswitha Hecke: The exhibition ?Irene? will show vintage prints by Roswitha Hecke from the time of the creation of the book by the same name. In 1978 the photobook was published for the first time under the title ?Liebes Leben?. It is the portrait of a Zurich artist muse and prostitute Irene. / Erik Steinbrecher: Following the recently concluded exhibition at the Kunstbibliothek Berlin, the Swiss conceptual artist has continued his ambulatory practice with new, hybrid sculptures. In two specific locations in the gallery, in the deserted stairwell and in the garden, male commentary will arise.

VW (Veneklasen/Werner) ? Peter Saul: ?Neptune and the Octopus Painter? features new large-scale works on canvas and a selection of recent works on paper, a body of work created during the past two years. Drawing as much on the imagery of Walt Disney as on traditions of classical painting, Saul’s recent works again look to genres of history and self-portraiture, dissecting to humorous, gruesome and deliberately offensive effect, a range of subjects and attitudes.

Galerie Barbara Weiss ? Ay?e Erkmen: At the center of the exhibition ?Wesenzug? there will be a yellow-white scuplture out of acrylic ? a remake of her first exploration of acrylic as a medium. In addition, more yellow and white acrylic works will be installed in the space. With the works, existing forms and uses of materials in architecture and design will be questioned on the value of usefulness and uselessness.

Wentrup ? Nevin Aladag (solo): The artist will show works in the media of sculpture, photography and film. Together the work is an inquiry into the social fabric of society and the interpretative view of the observer. / ?Traces of Life(group show): This group exhibition shows various positions of international artists dealing with the visible and invisible traces of life. In the works, they reflect the partially fragile but also overwhelming key moments in the creative process.

Kunsthandel Wolfgang Werner ? Medardo Rosso & Gotthard Graubner: Twelve of the extremely rare sculptures of the Italian sculptor Medardo Rosso (1858?1928), celebrated by his contemporaries as the ?sculptor of light? will be placed in dialogue with drawings from the last 40 years by Gotthard Graubner.

Wien Lukatsch ? Hans-Peter Feldmann: In ?Bücher | Books?, the exuberant work of Hans-Peter Feldmann?s books will be extensively exhibited. From the ?Bilder?, grey booklets with printed stamps and offset print from photographs, to ?Zeitserien?, folders with original photographs pasted to card from the 70s and on to numerous books with pasted photographs and magazine projects.

Zak | Branicka ? VALIE EXPORT: The exhibition ?Bilder der Berührung? is concerned with the work of the artist finding expression in touch and implications of touch in various media including installation, drawing, photography, video and archived material. As a key figure in contemporary art since the seventies, VALIE EXPORT has played a deciding role in the development of performance art, feminism, and action art, as well as conceptual photography and film.

© Alex Israel

© Alex Israel

26-28 April 2013


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