I interviewed Olivier Pesret for the current #Horst&Edeltraut Issue on paper, UnCertainty. Together with Manon Bara, Leandro Centore, Amelie De Brouwer, Emeline Depas and Julien Meert, he will have an exhibition at Hotel Van De Velde, organized within the framework of Art Brussels.

Courtesy of La Cambre

Courtesy of La Cambre

“Launched with art, sometimes the boomerang come back in fashion”
This humorous aphorism by Olivier Drouot, a professor at the option of Painting La Cambre, illustrates the project and this exhibition recalls that the paint does not need to be fashionable: it is always current by relevance of its proposals always renewed.

© Leandro Centore

© Leandro Centore

The exhibition Boomerang will bring together six artists graduated at La Cambre between 2009 and 2011. The works presented reveal the diversity of mediums, genres and styles that encourages and generates Painting option. This exhibition is also an opportunity to recognize and reward the commitment of alumni in their new visual activity, and energy to invent situations exist for their work.

© Olivier Pesret

© Olivier Pesret

Teaching staff of the Painting option: Bernard Lorge, Bénédicte Henderick, Olivier Drouot and Xavier Noiret-Thomé. Curated by Xavier Noiret-Thomé and Benoit Dusart.

La Cambre 

Art Brussels

Olivier Pesret 

Leandro Centore



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