The Spring Exhibition 2013 Charlottenborg Kunsthal

© Mustikka
© Mustikka

Charlottenborg is an amazing multilevel exhibition space in the heart of Copenhagen. The exhibition building, which also holds The Danish Art Library, underwent significant restoration in the late 1970s and was renamed Kunsthal Charlottenborg in 2007.

© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka

The Spring Exhibition is an open submission exhibition that has long been one of the highlights of the annual programme at Charlottenborg. In 2013 the show features 74 participants from around the world, including many from Denmark and Northern Europe, as well as others from countries such as Chile, Australia and the USA.

© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka

Among the participating artists there seems to be a special interest in exploring the impacts of globalization on human beings and societies, not just by way of international interaction and transaction – including outsourcing, global trading networks, international warfare and transgressive crime – but also through the way we as a global public mirror ourselves in the media, and in the physical space in which we move. As such, you will find several politically and philosophically founded works in the exhibition, just as many of the exhibiting artists have based their work on phenomenological studies of the way a given medium affects the message it communicates – which ideology it is colored by.

© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka

The Jury primarily sees the Spring Exhibition as a showcase for new trends and talents. Therefore, it should not be tightly curated, but rather be shaped by its constitutive parts: the selected works, which are all of high quality and which offer exciting insights into the world and the arts. Among the artists’ works I liked more: Jakob Michael Birn DE 1976, Mika Katarina Friis DK, 1983, Kiyoshi Yamamoto JPN, 1983, Marco Pando PER, 1973, Axel Straschnoy FI, 1978, Margrethe Odgaard DK, 1978.

© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka
© Mustikka

A special thanks goes to Maria Kamilla Larsen 

Charlottenborg Kunsthal 

Selected by Ingrid Melano


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