Re-made // Re-used

© Reh-Kunst

© Reh-Kunst

Have a look at the first exhibition of this year at REH Kunst. The group exhibition Re-Made // Re-Used traces the transformation from trash, everyday articles, or industrial materials to art work. The shown works are all created from materials or objects which were originally made for another purpose or existed in an art-unrelated context. The exhibited artworks are less Ready-Mades in the sense of Duchamp, but rather Re-Mades – artifacts taken from their origin context and completely reconstructed by the artists.

The participating artists show different approaches and positions in regard to the motif of reutilization. Often the artists draw on their immediate surroundings and incorporate elements of their everyday reality, with the accessibility of materials making out a not unimportant aspect. Among the applied artistic strategies are the re-contextualization of used or thrown-away items as well as the aestheticizing reinterpretation of everyday objects.

© Christian Henkel

© Christian Henkel

The exhibition space itself – the GDR Raumerweiterungshalle (REH, literally, space-extending building) – is a construction originally made for another purpose and context, which is now being re-used as an art and project space. REH refers to a modular architectonic system whose individual elements can be telescopically extended to form a multi-functional space that remains transportable despite its solid roof, floor, and walls. The REH was a part of everyday life in East Germany and long helped shape its architectural landscape.
In the summer of 2011, Valeska Hageney founded REH Kunst in the Kopenhagener Strasse in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg as a space for art and experiments. In the last one and a half years, she has organized and curated several exhibitions there. Since January 2013, Marie Arleth Skov and Laura Haaber Ihle have joined Valeska Hageney to run the program contents of REH Kunst. RE-MADE // RE-USED is the first jointly curated exhibition by the new team.
© Reh-Kunst

© Reh-Kunst


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