The Body Score

© Damir Ocko

© Damir Ocko

Last minute visit for me at Yvon Lambert project space. The Body Score is the title of the latest solo show of Damir Ocko, Croatian artist born in Zagreb in 1977. The complex and seductive “score for the body” takes the form of works on paper, collage and artist’s books. The works on display at the project space Yvon Lambert, Paris, are a record of his research and his original form of writing, composed by letters, shapes, and lines following the flexible bodies in several yoga positions.

© Damir Ocko

© Damir Ocko

Očko’s artistic production, which besides the film works encompasses series of visual and graphic elements, such as collages, typographic music sheets, concrete poetry, and artist’s books, is structured around film as its central place; film is conceived as a construction that gathers and generates several formal elements, so as to produce meaning, associations, and emotions. We “read” Damir Očko’s works as complex and layered orchestrations, meeting places of various narratives and texts, pointing to their multi-layered riches. Očko emphasizes that it is precisely in multi-layeredness, in structure of surgical precision, where the essence of his work is to be found. The artist often puts the viewers in the role of explorers, ready to absorb the layers of meaning, either rationally or intuitively and suggestively, as new systems of knowledge articulation.

© Damir Ocko

© Damir Ocko

Damir Očko has been presented in the following solo exhibitions: The Kingdom of Glottis, Palais de Tokyo (2012), The Body Score, Yvon Lambert, Paris (2013), On Ulterior Scale, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf (2011) ); he also had solo shows in Tiziana di Caro Gallery (Salerno), Kunstverein Leipzig, Kunsthalle München. He participated in collective exhibitions in the MSU Zagreb; Villa Romana, Florence; Kunsthalle Wien; HIAP Helsinki, and in festivals: Videoformes Clermont Ferrand, 25FPS, Zagreb; Videobrasil.

Damir Očko

Yvon Lambert

Selected by Ingrid Melano


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