I want your name and my name on a flyer

I have just received the invitation to the art project I want your name and my name on a flyer at Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Gent. The artists participating are not only active in visual arts, but also in music, theatre, performance and printed matter. Together they created an exhibition that reflects on the idea of synesthesia.

© Koen Delaere

© Koen Delaere

In the framework of Interpunction program, Belgian painter Koen Delaere (1970, BE) will take over the front window space of the gallery, creating an in situ installation that includes his most recent experiment, The OCE-Project. The OCE-Project is a recent chapter in his ongoing series of his research project Solidaire-Solitaire. Commissioned by The OCE- Art Foundation, he produced a limited amount of works using the facilities of the research department. For his works he uses the possibility to print UV-inks in combination with oil paint and spray paint.

Koen Delaere’s work focuses on freedom and restriction of freedom. ‘By imposing strict rules in advance I need to fight for my own freedom while working. I use a system of variables and invariables. The invariables could be the frame of the canvas, the variables may be the way of smearing the paint on the canvas, within the constraints of this structure.’

Kim Gordon (1953, USA) is mostly known from the noise band Sonic Youth, but is also an established visual artist and curator. A frequent musical collaborator with the Conceptual artist Dan graham, she is deeply involved with both acoustic and visual mediums. It was through an artistic investigation in the rock band as a site of male bonding that she got caught up in the music. gordon’s work deals with the dichotomy between public & private, fantasy & reality, image & perception. The titles of her works often reveal the conceptual background, as is the case with the work on show.

Gallery artist Dennis Tyfus (1979, BE) is known for an oeuvre that is difficult to categorize. It consists of a constant and unceasing practice that ranges from drawings, videos, installations, collages to magazines and books published & distributed under his own label ‘Ultra Eczema’, as well as music, vinyl record productions and radio shows on air at ‘Radio Centraal’, or concerts & performances at the artist initiative ‘Stadslimiet’ in Antwerp.

© Vaast Colson

© Vaast Colson

Tyfus runs this space together with Antwerp-based Vaast Colson (1977, BE). Although educated as a painter, Colson has developed a conceptual interest in the meaning of ‘artisthood’, taking advantage of his artistic freedom and his urge to create without limiting himself to a certain context, medium or material. Interested in the relation with the viewer, Colson breaks out of the artists workspace. He uses performance, music, installations or intervention to the maximum, entertaining, ‘tutoring’ or surprising the audience.

Peter Fengler (1964, NL) is a visual and performance artist. He is the founder and spindle of the Rotterdam stage annex production platform ‘DE PLAYER’. ‘We try to excite the visitor and inspire him so that he will participate.’ Fengler considers his craving for the anti-aesthetic as a position against the institutionalisation of social development in general and art in particular. The urge for standardisation deprives new artistic expression from finding its way.

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (1977, IS) exhibits his paintings & drawings internationally but is probably most known for his energetic performances at a wide array of venues. His approach is that of the trembling artist, struggling to make sense and direction out of a creative impulse. Regardless of the medium, there is a continuous search for order and chaos throughout his body of work. With his series of drawings Sigmarsson distorts the normal, daily life by drawing very common objects in an abstract way.

Joris van de Moortel’s (1983, BE) sculptures and installations contain both the urge to create and to destruct. While the (re)construction of his works seems very deliberately, his installations also embody an organic energy within its own boundaries. Van de Moortel deals with the opposite poles of energy through the act of sampling, cutting, collapsing, constructing.

© Joris van de Moortel

© Joris van de Moortel

Galerie Tatjana Pieters


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