Réka Lőrincz rules Munich

© Réka Lőrincz

© Réka Lőrincz

Talking about contemporary jewelry, this spring the place to be is Munich: from 6 to 12 March 2013, jewelry lovers, museum curators and collectors from all around the globe will be converging on Schmuck 2013 at the International Trade Fair.

l rinczreka6

If you are in Munich don’t miss the works of Réka Lőrincz one of the leading figures in the young Budapest jewelry scene. Creating her works from recycled material, Réka Lőrincz deals critically with the new consumption habits. We particularly like her series from 2004, when she applied body jewelry to a real stage performance.

l rinczreka1-1

This special exhibition is the eldest European exhibition of contemporary jewelry. It takes place since 1959 every year during the International Trade Fair in March. Three contributions of Schmuck 2013 will be awarded with the Herbert Hofmann Prize. Moreover the jury of the Bavarian States will award a price of 5.000. €

Réka Lőrincz


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