PopSchau – Contemporary Video Magazine

Give a warm welcome to PopSchau, the platform created by Ferdinand Prinz, Vito Leccese, and Vincent O. An online video show that allows you to stay on top of contemporary culture, providing an overview of what video content the leading magazines and blogs are publishing about each week. Don’t waste any more time browsing through websites and videos trying to find something worth watching!

Whether on-the-go or during lunch, PopSchau delivers your weekly dose of popular culture merging 10-second previews of the best weekly popular culture video content from leading magazines and blogs into one 2.30- minute video.

The weekly videos are in a news show format (and have an invisible moderator voice) and offer the user the maximum amount of infos about current popular culture in the minimum amount of time. Thumbnails link back to the source of the full video, in case the user has gained the impression of wanting to actually watch the full video. Want to learn more? Check the following links.





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