Ralf Schmerberg’s Retrospective

Courtesy Mindpirates

Mindpirates just opened their new exhibition Ralf Schmerberg: Der Tod nimmt sich einen Tag nach dem anderen, a retrospective of work produced during Schmerberg’s past 15 years of living in Berlin. Across multiple floors, Schmerberg’s artworks, films and photographs, as well as documentation of his many large-scale projects and cultural happenings will be on view over the course of the month-long exhibition, accompanied by a program of events with people who have touched the artist’s life.

Courtesy Mindpirates

Concurrently, the Mindpirates Vereinsheim will host a Salon that includes a pop-up restaurant run by chef Gordon W. and his team. A collision of sizzling minds and scintillating personalities, traversing eras of Berlin’s transgressive legacy. The Mindpirates present a multi-sensorial feast of inspiring sounds, tastes, textures, words, encounters, gestures that will linger on your palate and imprint your mind’s eye.

Courtesy Mindpirates

Every night, until December 16th, the Salon welcomes visitors to join the outpouring of colorful characters, friends old and new, together relishing in Berlin’s insatiable lust.

Salon Mindpirates


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