The Others

© Mustikka

In the amazing setting of the former prison of Turin Le Nuove, The Others, established in 2009, is a new satellite art fair dedicated to young galleries and organizations devoted to the emerging art scene. Instead of luxurious booths we founded amazing brutal displays cells.

© Mustikka

Opening hours being from 6:00 pm to 1:00 p.m. The Others was studied to welcome the art lovers at night, also including a performing area, set in the dramatic theatre of the prison, for performances, video screenings, live music and bars and street food.

© Mustikka

Presenting artists such as our Finnish photographer and friend Susanna Majuri, The Others’ advisory Committee is composed by: Claudio Composti – mc2Gallery director, Michele Lupi – Rolling Stone Magazine director, Andrea Bruciati and Alessandro Facente – independent curators.

© Mustikka

The Others 

Text and photos Ingrid Melano


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