Belleville in the Sky

The architectural stratification of Paris buildings is for me one of the largest and most interesting features of the city i currently live in. Galerie Paris-Beijing is presenting the work of French photographer Laurent Chéhère.

© Laurent Chéhère

By mixing traditional photography and digital manipulation, in his series Flying Houses, the artist isolates buildings from their urban context and frees them from their stifling environment. Houses fly in the clouds, like kites.

© Laurent Chéhère

Inspired by a poetic vision of old Paris and the famous short film Le Ballon Rouge Albert Lamorisse, Laurent Chéhère toured the districts of Belleville and Ménilmontant laying his eyes on their typical houses. The images capture the houses unexpected levitation, as many balloons retained by a child, these old buildings are floating in the sky, sliding on the surface, revealing to us their hidden beauty.

© Laurent Chéhère

Some houses are decorated with flying clothes drying or flower pots. All seem to find a second life in the sky. Uprooted from their hometown, they go to new heights.

© Laurent Chéhère

True invitation to travel and metaphor for the transience of the world, Flying Houses series plunges us into a dreamlike and moving full of gaiety and humor, but also history, and remembrance of the past adventures of the city.

© Laurent Chéhère

Laurent Chéhère (Paris, 1972) use to work in advertising companies. He is a tireless traveler. Shanghai to Valparaiso, La Paz or Lhasa in Bamako in Bogota, he feeds his imagination and gives us his view of the world. He loves to explore the cities, suburbs, countries as he likes to explore all fields of photography, reportage conceptual image.

© Laurent Chéhère

Laurent Chéhère series Flying Houses has been exposed in Dock en Seine in Cité de la Mode, in June 2012, where he won the Prix Special. The series is presented in China at the International Festival of Photography 2012 Pingyao.

© Laurent Chéhère

Galerie Paris-Beijing

Le Ballon Rouge


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