The Battle – Koen Delaere vs Jeroen Doorenweerd

© Koen Delaere, Jeroen Doorenweerd

While Koen Delaere paints on a daily basis, Jeroen Doorenweerd hasn’t painted for over 20 years but he is really looking forward to doing it again. This exhibition will be a Battle, in Utrecht Centraal Museum. The joint works of the two artists will be exhibited in the analogue room made for the show in de Lakenhal, Leiden, in 2009. The room will be rebuilt in the Centraal Museum Studio.

© Koen Delaere, Jeroen Doorenweerd

The recipe is for both of them, in turn, to paint on the walls and ceiling, without prior consultation or final objective, just continuously to paint a new layer on top of each others work, indiscriminately. Both aiming for a point at where control gives way to direct experience, Delaere and Doorenweerd have no idea of what the outcome will be.

Host Edwin Jacobs will report as judge and jury on a weekly basis and present a final judgement of the Battle.

© Koen Delaere, Jeroen Doorenweerd


Opening 26 October 2012

Centraal Museum, CM Studio,

Nicolaaskerkhof 10, 3512 XC Utrecht



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