Koen Delaere at Gerhard Hofland

© Gerhard Hofland

Gerhard Hofland presented in Amsterdam Koen Delaere’s I OnLy Get Horny When Due Laughs. An exhibition with 15 new paintings with different theme’s. Koen Delaere‘s  approach to painting comes within reach of the performative moment of music. As in musical productions, it is in his works that one perceives a “live” performance. A spontaneity that is reflected throughout a concert. There is a randomness, an improvisation and a controlled chaos. We find traces of these elements in his paintings, as well as the freshness of a live performance. His works live on an extension of the present.

© Gerhard Hofland

© Gerhard Hofland

© Gerhard Hofland

Delaere does not paint in the traditional concept, but uses the color matter to create physical surface. Geometric scars and form alteration stemming from frictional force between surfaces that move to precise coordinates. Delaere often uses a method that portrays mirror surfaces of the paintings at the time a piece is created. Work is reflected one against the other, creating a dynamic in his work that signifies the generation of an incompatibility between the floor and surface, including the technical continuity of the painting, its layers within that seek to undo previous layers. The violence of the movement between two paintings scales the integrity that normally characterizes an image.

© Gerhard Hofland

© Gerhard Hofland

© Gerhard Hofland

Last year Koen Delaere (1970, Brugge) made various exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Madrid. Also once again he was guest at Autocenter in Berlin together with Marijn van Kreij en Bas van den Hurk and his work was to be seen in the painting exhibition What’s Up! in the Dordrechts Museum.

Gerhard Hofland 


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