Daniel Buren for southern Italy

During my holidays in Italy i realized that Daniel Buren is  the star of Intersezioni 2012 at the Archaeological Park of Scolacium, in Catanzaro, where five site specific installations were conceived.


As stated Alberto Fiz, “the new edition of Intersections is a landing point for an event from year to year more and more ambitious. On this occasion, Buren has developed a syncretism with ancient ruins and annulled the temporal distance between the ancient and the contemporary. Intervention, his radical and brave, where it is evident that both the Park Scolacium to cause the work which exists only in close relation with the environment. This is a real turning point against other major projects in this place. “


The show involves the nerve centers of the park with a series of interventions designed specifically for the Basilica, the Forum, the Roman theater and the olive grove.

The Basilica is illuminated by red and blue Plexiglas windows in the back to an imaginary utopian magical and unpredictable alternation of light and shadows. “For me the color is pure thought, therefore, is totally indescribable. As abstract as a mathematical or a philosophical concept, “he wrote Buren.

The court, however, is the subject of a great reconstruction where Buren reinvents a colonnade consisting of 53 elements in wood from the fragments exist. In this case the place of archeology seems to be the inspiring element of an architectural project that defies time and space.

Exceptional, then, the spectacular action designed for the theater where Buren has devised a structure reflective of over 30 meters long and three meters in height, placed at the center, you can double the image of ‘old building by developing a visual context entirely alienating the place where the perception undergoes a gradual transformation of thinking and at the same time hiding space. There is opposite to impermanence of the look that absorbs the data of a virtual reality.

Buren, then, was particularly fascinated from olive surrounding the park creating a perfect integration with the sites of history and, for this occasion, has designed an installation of over 20 items that embraces the olive trees, highlighting the features and peculiarities in the evocative setting of the Park Scolacium.


How Buren says: “My installations allow for both accentuate the lines of force existing within the park, fill gaps, such as the Basilica, replicate simple geometric shapes, draw lines through space, detect the heights, as in the theater, or even, find the column that never existed”.

Intersezioni since 2005 has hosted some of the greatest exponents of Italian sculpture and international such as Stephan Balkenhol, Tony Cragg, Wim Delvoye, Jan Fabre, Antony Gormley, Dennis Oppenheim, Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Marc Quinn and Mauro Staccioli.


“Intersezioni together with MARCA, represents a point of reference of our cultural programming and also in a situation of general difficulties our administration has committed itself with determination to create an event that has taken on special significance in the cultural context and artistic territory. “said Wanda Iron President of the Province of Catanzaro. “The best proof of our success is the involvement of a major player on the international scene such as Daniel Buren who made the park a place of unique design and unique that only you can see here.”



Selected by Ingrid Melano


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