Contemporary Soviet Photography: Roman Pyatkovka

The Ukrainian photographer Roman Pyatkovka never thought that photography would be the passion of his life. For 8 years he worked at drama theatre as light technician. He then realized his interest in photography and met Boris Mikhailov, his future teacher and mentor. Self-aware, and provided of a strong visual sensibility, Roman Pyatkovka works on the creation of a dramatic photos drawn from reality.

© Roman Pyatkovka

© Roman Pyatkovka

Since then he has been selected for more than 30 collective and solo photo exhibitions becoming well-known for his series such as: “Ghosts. Famine 30-ies”, “I come from childhood”, “Games of libido”.

© Roman Pyatkovka

© Roman Pyatkovka

Some of his works are now part of the permanent collection of National Center for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) (Russia), Museum of Contemporary Photography (USA, Chicago), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow, Russia) and others. Here you can see one of my favorite series: “Wrong Picture”, but i warmly suggest to check also “Scheme”.

© Roman Pyatkovka

© Roman Pyatkovka

Cargo Collective

FotoFest 2012

Selected by Ingrid Melano


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