Walk through VIP MFA

Today is the opening of VIP MFA, the first contemporary art fair for young artists, organized by VIP Art Fair. It is the first-ever online juried event conceived to support and champion emerging artists’ first steps into the art market, with a selection of almost 40 international schools to enter their best graduates, giving arts professionals, collectors and cultural consumers around the world a global overview of cutting-edge contemporary practice.

Swiss graduate Susana Perrottet (ZHdK, Zurich) has been selected as winner of VIP MFA and will receive, with her institution, the first prize of $15,000. Runners up Chris Hood (San Francisco Art Institute, USA) and Emanuel Straessle (ZHdK, Zurich) will receive $10,000 and $5,000 respectively. Judges included Diana Al-Hadid (artist), Kate Fowle (ICI), RoseLee Goldberg (Performa) Matthew Higgs (White Columns), Joachim Pissarro (Hunter College), and O Zhang (artist).

I made a tour to pick my favorite emerging artists. Enjoy!

© Olivier Pesret

The work of Olivier Pesret endeavours to induce spectators to reflect and question their position and movements in an art space.Through work imbued by minimalism but nevertheless galvanised by architecture and design as well as fashion and literature his objective is not to fill the art space but rather to reveal its characteristics and imperfections.

Using exhibition scenography and devising choices, he provides a unique space for the artworks to allow them to own the space and create new trajectories within it. His work consists of volumes, installations, resin, lights, and objects, either newly created or transformed from alternative contexts. These items are chosen as much for their function as they are for their semantics.

© Zhang Hongfei

Zhang Hongfei sculptures draw on elements of traditional Chinese Opera. He loves the dynamic character and aesthetic aspect of opera which combines the quintessential beauty of theater, dance, music and song, together symbolizing the very best of China’s performance arts.

© Matthew Murray

Matthew Christopher Murray been interested in abandoned sites since he was a child, but started documentingthem a decade ago while researching the decline of the state hospital system. While he had no education in photography, Matthew is currently studying for an MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has lectured on abandoned spaces and mental health history for Preservation Pennsylvania and others.

© Kristen Studioso

The interest of the artist Kristen Studioso lies is in creating artwork that reflects life experiences and engages with time when time ‘misbehaves.’  Although time generally has a past, present, and a future, when under stress (or distress), that linearity collapses, leaving only an extended experience of ‘now.’ Working in a combination of stop action video (comprised of photograph stills), video, and audio, her practice pulls from what is already present, yet generally left undocumented.

© Monika Sziladi

Monika  Sziladi is interested in how society and human behavior are becoming simultaneously tribalized and atomized amidst the ever increasing noise of mass (over)communication, digital media, and self-broadcasting. Her photographs are digital collages constructed from images that she shoot at public relations, networking events and at meet-ups of subcultures that were formed and (or) are operating as a result of social connectivity on the Internet.



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