Comrades of Time

In what way can a particular reconsideration in canonical art-forms keep its social relevance? In a time dominated by networks and media, perhaps in a less rigid form than  that of the historical Avant-garde?

© Project Space Tilburg

Until the 24th of June you will find the answer in the work of the artists Josh Smith / Gedi Sibony / Rachel Koolen / Koen Delaere / Thomas I’Anson / Bas van den Hurk / Amanda Ross-Ho / Klara Liden presented in the exhibitition at Project Space Tilburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

© Project Space Tilburg

The exhibition explores a renewed confidence in the fundamental possibilities of art and artists using canonical forms and their relation to modernist principles, such as formalism, abstraction, repetition, expression, autonomy.

© Project Space Tilburg

For this exhibition various Dutch artists are brought together with artists that are internationally leading. The exhibition is a combination of new and existing works, using openness and reflexivity.

© Project Space Tilburg

Comrades of Time


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