Cosmosaïque Thierry Mouillé

When curators set limits to the definitions of his work, Thierry Mouillé moves with agility beyond, prompting some unforeseen event that change all the meaning of his works again. He advances masked under the name of uncontrollable Mouvante Foundation, which suits him better than a fixed administrative identity as surname-first name-date-of-birth. The Foundation is moving as a terrestrial revolution and it is not intended to stop, so let us report on his current exhibition Cosmosaïque, at Claudine Papillon Gallery, in Paris. The greatest happiness of one who sees the result of this exhausting vision is that at first glance, the attention is paid back by the pleasure it provides, or the complicity it inspires.

© Mustikka

18 years ago, Thierry Mouillé proposed that the combined breaths of 6 billion people overact, or thwart, millenarian anxiety welling in together on the eve of year 2000. All this agitation-exhaling aspired to change the orbit of the planet. It is not impossible that this wish has been fulfilled, since the axis of the earth, we have since learned, has revised its position.

© Mustikka

With this staggering security given its assumptions, Thierry Mouillé suggests even more inextricable links that attach to science. Evidenced by the film about five years during Pierre-Louis Lions, Collège de France. University courses are assembled up the course of time, the great teacher and rejuvenates while we do not see that deleting the table on which his thinking has emerged. Possible new mathematical theories are written in this assemblage, from which flow also magical formulas that have all the air to talk about art.

© Mustikka

There is always an irreverent invitation to play. If it is not possible, except for Gulliver, to shake the wooden puppets dangling comically here and there, however, one can try each of the wind instruments, whose couplings are accessible.

© Mustikka

The projection screen that sits deep in a room is hung with lace. No toile, not tulle, no fishing net. Industrial white lace. Done in order to project experiences: his fantasies of immaculate conceptions in its shadows across the earth.

© Mustikka

Born in Poitiers in 1962, Thierry Mouillé, lives and works in Paris. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Poitiers, Tours and Bordeaux and currently teaches at Annecy. Winner of the Villa Medici in 2007 – 2008, his work is represented in numerous public and private collections.

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