The artist in suit Davide Allieri

Davide Allieri is a young Italian talent. Today his new exhibition A Protective Suit Project for the Blind Hero opens at 27 AD Gallery, Bergamo, Italy. A Protective Suit Project for the Blind Hero is the 8th chapter of a collection that encompasses different works, exploring various techniques, materials, shared concepts.

© Davide Allieri

In his early works,  Precision Impression I, II, III, Davide Allieri put a mixture of powdered graphite and natural fats directly into his mouth, the attention was focused on a single gesture, in order  to create a universe populated by charismatic figures. Afterwards he started to to incorporate the fashion element, creating the final look of his alter ego.

© Davide Allieri

In A Protective Suit for the Blind Hero the artist analysis changed: the new ego became a warrior. The performance of Precision Impression VIII is The Tailor’s Armour, will be open to the public on the 2nd of June at 27 AD Gallery and it will stage the metamorphosis from novice to warrior.

© Davide Allieri

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Davide Allieri 


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