Beyond the design – Manuel Graf

In its almost educational presentations and in his photos, Manuel Graf create an active relationship between model and theory, in which the meanings of the illustration themselves become dynamic theoretical examples.

© Manuel Graf

A model in the classical American Apparel pose, wear a total look from the brand, except for a pair of shoes with wedge heels with a rainbow pattern and thin colorful laces. These are not simple objects, we are told. Each has a function: a shoe, a dress a written message, a pose.

© Manuel Graf

Manuel Graf objects are not only products on display, or a result of good craft work in terms of quality of design (although they are undoubtedly also this), but an illustrations of a broader theoretical debate on the work as social investment, where the personal commitment becomes a social act.

© Manuel Graf

Manuel Graf (born 1978, DE) – combines social philosophy, popular fashion, and art, represented by  Johann König, he lives and works in Düsseldorf.

© Manuel Graf


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