Free Voina!

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Warning: This Post Contains Adult Content, Not Suitable For Children and Kids

Voina is a Russian street collective of actionist artists who engage in political protest art. Founded by Vor and Kozlenok in Saint Petersburg, in October 2005, the group was named after Vor (“War”). Initially, Voina actions were clandestine and anonymous, and were called “training” or “practice”. Voina has enjoyed public recognition since 2008.

Today, over 200 activists have participated in Voina actions. The youngest activist is Kasper, Voina member since birth (he was born April 19th, 2009 on a ship in Moscow). Stateless Kasper participated in every Voina action since May 2009. At least 20 criminal investigations into the group’s activities have been initiated, some of them still ongoing.

Natalia Sokol & Kasper

“In order to properly define art, it is necessary, first, to cease to consider it as a means to pleasure,”(1) wrote Leo Tolstoy in 1897. And the last performance by Voina collective use these writings function as a symbolic script for their provocations, creating the party of fuck in the honor of Dimitri Medvedev, at National Museum of Natural Sciences in Moscow.

Moreover, after the national price for artistic innovation 2011, Voina has several sympathizers all over Europe, here in Zurich, who like to show their sustain by installing Voina-Wanted manifesto around the cities.

“Art group VOINA’ is a left-wing radical anarchist collective whose central goal is to carry out PR actions directed against the authorities, and specifically against law enforcement officials with the aim of discrediting them in the eyes of the public. Branches of VOINA exist in all major Russian cities. The group’s sympatizers number approximately 3000. VOINA members maintain contacts with anarchist groups and individuals from all around the world holding left-wing radical views on art and on the world order (Italy, Slovakia, France, USA, South Africa, Greece)”.


The Influencers, Barcelona

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