Neon, who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue ?

Finally an exhibition about neon! Neon, so easy to create (you just need to decide the dimension of the tube and the color), but such a strong communication tool. La Maison Rouge in Paris hosts the first major international exhibition in Neon Art since the 40ies to the present, with hundreds of historical and unpublished works. Starting by the pioneer Gyula Kosice and Lucio Fontana in the early 1940 and 50ies, MorelletBruce Nauman, Stephen AntonakosJoseph Kosuth or Mario Merz in the 60ies, artists such as Jason RhoadesClaude LévêqueSylvie Fleury and many other contemporary artists.

© La Maison Rouge

Close to the Mendeleïev periodic elements series, we find the family of gases known as “noble” or “rare”, a group of chemical elements with common properties: odorless and colorless in conditions called “standards”, these monatomic gasesonce under pressure produce a colored light when traversed by an electric field. Neon (Ne), whose name comes from the Greek word “neos” (new) produces a red light. Argon (Ar) gives a blue light while the sodium vapor produce yellow radiations.

© La Maison Rouge

© La Maison Rouge

© La Maison Rouge

In 1912, exactly a hundred years ago, the French physicist and chemist Georges Claude developed the first fluorescent tube. The public presentation of his invention in place at the Paris Universal Exhibition. A few years later, he filed a patent in the U.S. and in 1923 he sold the company to its first two Packard neonreproducing the brand name. We know the rest of the story …
17th February – 20th May 2012


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