Exclusive reporting: 24 h Museum

Today i finally visited the 24 h Museum, set for two days in Paris, in the beautiful setting of the Palais d’Iéna, where Vezzoli created a non-existent exhibition.

© Mustikka

The main room was a great design installation: made by gridwall, and full of fuxia neon lights, it was the perfect location for Francesco Vezzoli to show his personal tribute to the allure of feminility through interpretation of classical sculptures, featuring of course the image of his mother, and some of the icons he collaborated with during his career.

The event was very exlusive, with also a pink-carpet entrance. The first thing i noticed was the stairway, where mama was celebrated with a classical angle statue and some “like” in the hot parts of the sculpture.

© Mustikka

There was finally a third room, where some night visions were set, mixing strobo lights and classical images, location of the glam event that was visible yesterday on the website.

© Mustikka

Prada presented, in collaboration with AMO, a Baroque festival, an exclusive fashion meeting, and a celebration of italian stereotypes, on fetish pink, red and polka dots backgrounds.

24h Museum


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