Flashback: Päivi Eronen 2008

© Päivi Eronen

It’s time for winter leisure! So i thought about a small exhibition done in 2008, in Helsinki, in the photography gallery called HippolytePhotographs of Bathers was the title of the exhibition where were presented pictures of enjoyment that pretended to transcend the boundaries of ordinariness and everyday life, but they didn’t, at all.

© Päivi Eronen

Still, the photographs attest to the vitality of water as an element that caresses both the human body and mind. The climate is warming, with winter snows coming later and thinner every year. Will this testimony of freezing winters in the future be photographs of a past when it was still possible to experience the diversity of snow and ice?

© Päivi Eronen

The storytellers in the photographs are the people who Päivi Eronen have photographed enjoying the many forms of bathing. They look funny, i know, but this is an extraordinary portrait of local life.

Hippolyte gallery


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