Wasting Solutions

“Wasting Solutions est peut-être un processus. Wasting solutions décrypte peut-être les flux énergétiques, économiques et linguistiques. Wasting solutions met peut-être à nu les femmes des philosophes. Wasting solutions reconnaît peut-être le premier principe de la thermodynamique.  – G. Berche-Ngo.”

This was my first approach to the duo show of Guillaume Baronnet & Olivier Pesret at EAD R2D2, in Brussels. Then i discovered that part of the works were realized by the two artists in their residency program, created in an architecture studio, and consequently providing new meanings for material wastes set in a white cube space.

© Guillaume Baronnet & Olivier Pesret

The title of the exhibition Wasting Solutions is a suggestion to think about recycling and about how several objects could be used in artistic practices, re-thinking their common meanings and subverting the sense of waste in the creative moment.

© Guillaume Baronnet & Olivier Pesret

One of the artists, Guillaume Baronnet, introduced his system of language conversion driven by sounds that humans cannot hear, and made it real by bulbs that are strictly reacting in front of the visitors. The other, Olivier Pesret, investigate the use of electrical connections usually invisible, as artworks standing in the middle of  EAD R2D2 in front of the visitors.

© Guillaume Baronnet & Olivier Pesret

Playing with visitors’ perception the duo also created more formal works, as the one you can see above that is exposed in a courtyard of the exhibiting space. Visitors are involved several works where they can interact and reflect themselves, from various perspectives.

Miroir, Oh mon beau miroir is the result of long analysis of people in front of artworks: behaviors, reactions. There thank’s to the polyester resin used in the work by Olivier Pesret, people are face to face to an eclipse, visible only once, and looking at themself reflecting in the artwork.

Wasting Solution is at at EAD R2D2 until 22th January 2012. Olivier Pesret was born in 1984 in Paris, lives and works in Brussels, and studied MA Visual Arts, ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels. Guillaume Baronnet was born in 1982 in France, and works in Brussels, and studied MA Visual Arts, ENSAV La Cambre some year before.

Duo show / Guillaume Baronnet & Olivier Pesret / EAD R2D2 /

Rue Berthelot, 130 / 1190 Brussel