Turku Special

Turku is this year one of the European Capital of Culture with Tallinn. I’ve been there reporting and photo-reporting, thanks to Turku 2001 Foundation, what was going on there, with an international team of journalists, and i will consequently publish a series of articles for various media. Please check the links below to learn more! Links will be updated every time that there will be a new article.

Special thank to Lea Nenonen and Saara Malila, who made this adventure possible. And lot of love to this huge project that i’m following with my articles since months.

© Mustikka

Article and photo-gallery on Grazia

Articles on Horst Und Edeltraut about Sasha Huber Jemima Stehli Alice in Wonderland SaunaLab & Tom of Finland


Back to school: Alena Zhandarova

This is the story about a young girl, her attitude to life, time and space around her. Each photo of Alena Zhandarova has a different state, which at the end of the story creates a new complete picture. It is like a map, which helps not to forget, that fear and imperfection are small pieces of herself. And only through understanding and acceptance it is possible to find the right way. This series is about the moment, it is about what’s going on right now. About the question: “Why?” and answer: “Because accidents are not accidental.”

The Russian School of Alena Zhandarova teaches that there is always something happening around us. There are no unimportant moments. Each of them teach us something, each of them leave something very important behind all of us. It is like an artifact, that given by the keeper for the knowledge. “The smell of apples, the sound of dripping water, cornflower tea taste in a candy store of beloved city. Every moment. This series – is only a microscopic part of me. My moments. My life. It is for me. It is my artifact. And it is curious! Through such a deeply personal and intimate project, you can recognize yourself, find yourself artifacts, and live by yourself moments, curiously wondering at every moment: Do I really do want to do more than anything else in this planet?”.

© Alena Zhandarova

Anzenberger gallery

Love Is What You Want – Tracey Emin

Love Is What You Want is a work made in neon, signed by Tracey Emin, one of the most important British contemporary artists, part of the group YBA. Her retrospective exhibition in London is at Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre and it offers a path through the artistic career of the artist, that since the 90ies is shaking and provoking her public with hot works.

First of all there is a series of 16 neon, with sentences that the artist says to people or to herself, or that someone said to her, modifying her perception of the world. Then, there are some  sculptures about the concept of space. While videos and textiles are about her most intimate relations, through drawings and photos the artist tries to explain that her work is not only about sexual aspects, but most of all about the importance of several themes, especially when considering love, feelings and friendship.

Hayward Gallery

until 29th August 2011

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