Discarded Anonymous Portraits

Discarded Anonymous Portraits, is an archive of drawings with Graham Hudson as the subject matter. In 2009 the Laing Gallery, Newcastle, invited Graham Hudson to respond to Position Suspended (1986) by Mona Hatoum, where she was infamously denied permission to enact a performance while nude in the gallery. This work forced the Laing Gallery to enact policy and procedure, resulting in the use of a body stocking by Hatoum. Hudson made ten proposals to the Laing, all designed to force some sort of collaboration or compromise from the museum.

© Graham Hudson

One of the chosen proposals involved Hudson negotiating a nude performance himself inside the Laing – instigating a series of life drawing classes in which he acted as the model. Discarded Anonymous Portraits is the resulting archive of charcoal drawings of Hudson, who collected the drawings left behind by the performers/drawers over several sessions. From 6th July, his drawings will be exhibited at Seventeen Gallery, London, in the group exhibition Proxy Or, with the works of David Blandy and Riley Harmon.

6th July – 6th August 2011

Seventeen Gallery


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