Liquid Tales by Susanna Majuri

The primary element of Susanna Majuri‘s photos is water. First of all because water is colorless, being suitable for every possible subject, secondly because of how it is reflecting light, finally because it can modify the contour of the bodies immersed in it. Water make possible for people, animals and object to float in it, and that is exactly the good thing of the dreamy feelings created by the Finnish artist, that actually used many different locations such as: Island, Norway, Faeroe islands, and Sweden.

©Susanna Majuri

The artist asks, in this kind of trips, to people living there, to be her models immersing themselves in gelid waters. Many photos are shooted directly underwater where a sort of Atlantis has been recreated, and where every photo is a different adventure. And her fabulous images, are always inspired from music, from popular tales and nordic legends. Part of the Helsinki School and represented by TaiK gallery and Adler gallery, Susanna Majuri is now a young star of the world of contemporary photography, who enchant her public with her magic world.

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Selected by Ingrid Melano


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