Anish Kapoor at Grand Palais

Eeach year Monumenta, in Paris, involves an internationally renowned contemporary artist to appropriate the 13,500 m² of the Grand Palais Nave with an artwork specially created for the event. After the success of the first three editions entrusted to German painter Anselm Kiefer in 2007, to American sculptor Richard Serra in 2008, then to French artist Christian Boltanski in 2010, each drawing close to 150,000 visitors in five weeks, it is British Indian-born Anish Kapoor who took up the challenge in May and June 2011. And that task is hard: to create only one object, with only one color, in only one size.

© Phaidon

Anish Kapoor‘s inflated sculpture overflows with geographical specificities in a continual enriching dialogue between visual art traditions. The artist, who just won the competition for London Olympic Tower, presents himself as an explorer, and lives in a geographically offset place he calls “the in-betweeness”, playing on each identity to avoid getting locked in, in any way. He invited, the 21st of June, Richie Hawtin to face off against the sculpture he created for the great nave of the Grand Palais, Leviathan. With the performance “Red – Richie Hawtin facing the Leviathan of Anish Kapoor” there will be a great party, for sure.

 Until 23 June 2011

Monumenta 2011, Paris

View the gallery on Phaidon website


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