Flashback: Olafur Eliasson & Ma Yansong 2010

Exactly one years ago, UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, exhibited Feelings Are Facts a site-specific exhibition, a result of the collaboration between Olafur Eliasson and the young Chinese architect Ma Yansong.  Can our thinking construct knowledge based on what our senses tell us, and can that be used to judge the world and draw conclusions about what we call reality? The pair worked together to create an “other reality,” one that can make us doubt what our own senses are telling us.

© Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Ma Yansong created a nearly 60 meter long curving space in the main exhibition hall at UCCA; Olafur Eliasson filled the space with fog that shimmers with an artificial light spectrum created using arrays of red, green and blue fluorescent lamps. This illusion in light is not something one would find in nature, but as walking through this space, the sights and sensations experienced were indeed real.


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Ai Weiwei, Agent Provocateur

Ai Weiwei has been set free, after paying a caution. Detained from last April, in China for suspicion of “economic crimes”, he was a target for the Chinese regime for his critical positions. Since when Ai Weiwei came back to Beijing, after living in New York, he worked greatly through photography, documenting everyday life and social issues of China, and discussing them on social medias at the same time…Check my previous article about the artist on Horst Und Edeltraut!


Paola Ivana Suhonen, the head of the brand IVANAhelsinki is a designer, artist and filmmaker, Ms. Ivana conveys in her works a clear inspiration from arctic summer nights and dark winter sadness, but also a permanent feeling of road tripping…Check my full article on Horst Und Edeltraut, or watch the video Leaving Circus to learn more about her!

Liquid Tales by Susanna Majuri

The primary element of Susanna Majuri‘s photos is water. First of all because water is colorless, being suitable for every possible subject, secondly because of how it is reflecting light, finally because it can modify the contour of the bodies immersed in it. Water make possible for people, animals and object to float in it, and that is exactly the good thing of the dreamy feelings created by the Finnish artist, that actually used many different locations such as: Island, Norway, Faeroe islands, and Sweden.

©Susanna Majuri

The artist asks, in this kind of trips, to people living there, to be her models immersing themselves in gelid waters. Many photos are shooted directly underwater where a sort of Atlantis has been recreated, and where every photo is a different adventure. And her fabulous images, are always inspired from music, from popular tales and nordic legends. Part of the Helsinki School and represented by TaiK gallery and Adler gallery, Susanna Majuri is now a young star of the world of contemporary photography, who enchant her public with her magic world.

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I Observe Albert Watson

I Observe – Albert Watson, is the exhibition about the polyhedric Scottish photographer that for four decades devoted himself to all the possible fields of photography: portraits, fashion shootings, reportages, expressing the best the subculture of that period. Who doesn’t know his name, for sure have seen at least once his rock images, as the series of the masked monkey or with gun.

© Albert Watson

Watson lives in New York, and at present he can show off at least 100 Vogue covers and 40 Rolling Stone covers, and advertising campaigns for Chanel, Levi’s, Prada and Revlon, but that’s not all: he was nominated by the magazine Photo District News as one of the 20 most influential photographers in the world,with Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. In 2007 his portrait of Kate Moss was sent by Christies to a collector for the amount of $ 108.000. At Kahmann gallery you will find 30 black and white key images of the photographer’s work.

Kahmann gallery 

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Anish Kapoor at Grand Palais

Eeach year Monumenta, in Paris, involves an internationally renowned contemporary artist to appropriate the 13,500 m² of the Grand Palais Nave with an artwork specially created for the event. After the success of the first three editions entrusted to German painter Anselm Kiefer in 2007, to American sculptor Richard Serra in 2008, then to French artist Christian Boltanski in 2010, each drawing close to 150,000 visitors in five weeks, it is British Indian-born Anish Kapoor who took up the challenge in May and June 2011. And that task is hard: to create only one object, with only one color, in only one size.

© Phaidon

Anish Kapoor‘s inflated sculpture overflows with geographical specificities in a continual enriching dialogue between visual art traditions. The artist, who just won the competition for London Olympic Tower, presents himself as an explorer, and lives in a geographically offset place he calls “the in-betweeness”, playing on each identity to avoid getting locked in, in any way. He invited, the 21st of June, Richie Hawtin to face off against the sculpture he created for the great nave of the Grand Palais, Leviathan. With the performance “Red – Richie Hawtin facing the Leviathan of Anish Kapoor” there will be a great party, for sure.

 Until 23 June 2011

Monumenta 2011, Paris

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Amsterdam Week

This week i didn’t blog because i was involved in a work experience with American Apparel team in Amsterdam. I had such a good time there, the crew was international, there were people from the Netherlands but also from England, Spain, California, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and France. Everyone was extremely nice and friendly, making me feel at home. I really enjoyed to see the visuals at work and the city is just crazy and it has a lot going on, considering art, fashion and design. Anyway here are some pictures of my stay in Amsterdam, i really hope to be part of the company soon..wherever will be, will be!

© Mustikka