Vanessa Beecroft @ Lia Rumma

A double personal exhibition devoted to the work of the artist Vanessa Beecroft will be held in the Lia Rumma Galleries in Milan and Naples from 7th June 2011.

The Lia Rumma Gallery in Via Stilicone, Milan will host two events: VB70 and VB MARMI (works in marble). On the ground floor of the gallery, the performance VB70 will be given to mark the opening of the exhibition. About ten nude models, body-statues with slow, fragmented movements, will perform among marble bases, blocks of uncut stone and new sculptures depicting female bodies, creating a single, striking sculptural group. To complete the event, the upper floors of the gallery contain works in marble, fragments and busts in vivid colours.


The personal exhibition of Vanessa Beecroft’s work in the Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples is to open only a few days after the exhibition devoted to the artist in Lia Rumma’s Milan gallery. The heart of the exhibition will consist of the video projections VB 66 and VB 67, made by the artist in 2010 at the Mercato Ittico (fish market) in Naples and the Studi Nicoli in Carrara respectively, and her photographs, mainly large-scale works, taken from the first of the two performances.

Lia Rumma Gallery


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