3 exhibitions at Fondazione Pomodoro

My friend Konstantinos aka SeekThePost shooted a cool video of the exhibition Common Places about Perino & Vele, showing 25 large-scale works, for 17 years of the artists’ career that have turned around the theme of a lucid, but ironic, critique of corruption, violence and social conservatism. Check it out!

At Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan you can also find exhibitions about Dalì and Rauschenberg, and also about Olga Schigal with an installation in which the Russian artist reconstructs a portion of the taiga, with the precise intention of making it realistic through the insertion of genuine birch tree trunks up to 4 metres high and sand dunes (thank you Olga, we really miss nature in Milan).

until 17th July 2011


Learn more about Fondazione Pomodoro


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