Delicious: Julika Rudelius

The photo you see below is a still from the video Dressage of 2009 by Julika Rudelius. Born in Cologne, the German artist analyzes social prejudices, considering common behaviors in high society. The teenagers of Dressage, are wearing Chanel tailleurs and have women’s make up and hairstyle, but actually they are girls between 10 and 12 years old, chosen to represent the young New York élites.

© Julika Rudelius

As a matter of fact the artist search for amateur characters, that behave naturally during the shooting, in order to better discuss stereotypes. Before the teenager of Dressage and the businessmen of Economic Primacy, the artist worked on the representation of Forever (2006), a video about well-off mature women. Proud and arrogant these protagonists argue on various themes such as beauty, privileges, and aesthetic surgery, in the exclusive setting of Hamptons (NYC).

© Julika Rudelius

Julika Rudelius obtained several solo shows in various contemporary art museums such as Tate Modern and Stedelijk Museum, but also at Swiss Institute of New York.

Julika Rudelius 

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