Maurizio Anzeri: Fil rouge between past and present

For Maurizio Anzeri past and present are not only linked by a fil rouge, but also vert, bleu, and jaune. His research is starting from a low level, from flea markets where the artist buys old photos, from 30ies and 40ies, collecting lost memories of someone else. But images live again in his hands: the colorful aura covering every face, but never entirely, gives a proper soul to the characters in the photos, making them so contemporary. This work of detailed stitching, of colorful threads disposed in geometrical way, is always respecting the importance of the body below, but emphasizing the visage, considered by the artist as “the most interesting landscape”.

© Maurizio Anzeri

Born in Loano, Italy, Maurizio Anzeri lives and works in London, where he is sustained by Saatchi Gallery. His rare works is represented, in Italy by the gallery Furini Contemporary Art, in Rome. The result of the interest in the relationship between intimacy and external universe is delicate, an enigmatic reality mediated by the artist.

 © Maurizio Anzeri

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Maurizio Anzeri on Dazed and Confused

Selected by Ingrid Melano


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