Vanessa Beecroft @ Lia Rumma

A double personal exhibition devoted to the work of the artist Vanessa Beecroft will be held in the Lia Rumma Galleries in Milan and Naples from 7th June 2011.

The Lia Rumma Gallery in Via Stilicone, Milan will host two events: VB70 and VB MARMI (works in marble). On the ground floor of the gallery, the performance VB70 will be given to mark the opening of the exhibition. About ten nude models, body-statues with slow, fragmented movements, will perform among marble bases, blocks of uncut stone and new sculptures depicting female bodies, creating a single, striking sculptural group. To complete the event, the upper floors of the gallery contain works in marble, fragments and busts in vivid colours.


The personal exhibition of Vanessa Beecroft’s work in the Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples is to open only a few days after the exhibition devoted to the artist in Lia Rumma’s Milan gallery. The heart of the exhibition will consist of the video projections VB 66 and VB 67, made by the artist in 2010 at the Mercato Ittico (fish market) in Naples and the Studi Nicoli in Carrara respectively, and her photographs, mainly large-scale works, taken from the first of the two performances.

Lia Rumma Gallery


Invitation: Cuban Visions

Cuban Visions, one of the largest and more complete exhibitions of contemporary Cuban art to ever show in New York City, will open May 27 at Metropolitan Pavilion as part of city-wide spring celebration of Cuban culture, alongside the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Si Cuba Festival. The artists in Cuban Visions were selected for their distinguished achievements in art throughout the world coupled with their cultural significance to Cuban culture. The collective showcase will give a cohesive face to the group of 26 well-known artists, mostly who live in Cuba today, represented by their artwork in 7 different forms of media representing the broad spectrum of visual arts coming out of Cuba today.

Although some of the artists have shown in solo exhibitions in the US, they have not been grouped together for a single show to represent the art movement currently happening in Cuba. Through the artists’ individual visions coming together in a single show they compose a collective point of view about their cultural identity, while showing the diversity of the cultural movement in Cuba. The pieces speak about history, economy, politic, society, traditions, race and racism, sexuality, and religion.

Cuban Visions

May 27 – June 1

Metropolitan Pavilion

123 West 18th Street

New York, NY 10011

Flashback: Paolo Roversi 2003

The sixth edition of the festival Fotografia Europea (European Photography) in Reggio Emilia just ended, but i still suggest you to visit the Emilian little town, at least for the 25 exhibitions specifically set in schedule until 12th June 2011, in various historical sites. Among them, at Chiostri of San Pietro, you can find the retrospective about Paolo Roversi, curated by Elio Grazioli. Contributor for “Vogue” Italy and UK, “L’Uomo Vogue”, “Marie Claire”, and many other magazines, Roversi is famous for his portraits, like Portrait of Natalia, courtesy Studio Luce, of a super young Natalia Vodianova, and others icons such as Tilda Swinton.

© Paolo Roversi

This great photographer started is path towards Olympus during the 80ies, with his first advertising campaigns, and later on he became well known all over the world for the use of Polaroid 8 x 10. As a matter of fact Roversi is the author of unforgettable shootings branded Armani, Comme des Garçons, Christian Dior, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto.

Fotografia Europea 

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3 exhibitions at Fondazione Pomodoro

My friend Konstantinos aka SeekThePost shooted a cool video of the exhibition Common Places about Perino & Vele, showing 25 large-scale works, for 17 years of the artists’ career that have turned around the theme of a lucid, but ironic, critique of corruption, violence and social conservatism. Check it out!

At Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan you can also find exhibitions about Dalì and Rauschenberg, and also about Olga Schigal with an installation in which the Russian artist reconstructs a portion of the taiga, with the precise intention of making it realistic through the insertion of genuine birch tree trunks up to 4 metres high and sand dunes (thank you Olga, we really miss nature in Milan).

until 17th July 2011


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Noora Isoeskeli

While reading We Are Helsinki, a fanzine about the city like the Italian Zero, i discovered the young photographer Noora Isoeskeli, she said: “I work intuitively and in my works I piece the world together subconsciously. I don’t know where the pictures come from, but they are usually quite surrealistic. I do my works as collages, photos or by drawing, the pictures are insights into the world and they usually include a catch or a twist. However, that’s not an end to itself, but it comes from the way I see the world. If you’re able to realize and see things in a slightly different way, you can see how the world is changing”. I have to admit that this generation of Finnish photographers is really shifting forward the borders of contemporary art.

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My first book, out now!

My first book is out now! The art market is the result of complex interactions. The purpose of my research is to analyze the relations among actors of the contemporary art system, in particular considering the production of contemporary art exhibitions. In this sense i thought to fill a gap of European researches, preferring to shift the attention on four precise cultural institutions, representative of different European art management styles: Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo in Turin, Magasin 3 in Stockholm, KW in Berlin. Only by taking into account the behavior of institutions, art dealers, curators and artists, i could admit a flourishing future for the art system, therefore a deep sense for people working in this field.

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Delicious: Julika Rudelius

The photo you see below is a still from the video Dressage of 2009 by Julika Rudelius. Born in Cologne, the German artist analyzes social prejudices, considering common behaviors in high society. The teenagers of Dressage, are wearing Chanel tailleurs and have women’s make up and hairstyle, but actually they are girls between 10 and 12 years old, chosen to represent the young New York élites.

© Julika Rudelius

As a matter of fact the artist search for amateur characters, that behave naturally during the shooting, in order to better discuss stereotypes. Before the teenager of Dressage and the businessmen of Economic Primacy, the artist worked on the representation of Forever (2006), a video about well-off mature women. Proud and arrogant these protagonists argue on various themes such as beauty, privileges, and aesthetic surgery, in the exclusive setting of Hamptons (NYC).

© Julika Rudelius

Julika Rudelius obtained several solo shows in various contemporary art museums such as Tate Modern and Stedelijk Museum, but also at Swiss Institute of New York.

Julika Rudelius 

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