Visual illusions by Susan Collis

What you see here is not just a shopping bag. It’s about pure manual expertise of the English artist Susan Collis. The bag is made of paper, is called Conchi and the checked pattern is entirely drawn with biro and pencil, including all the details: handles, zipper, seams. Superb result of hours of work, it has a value of over ten thousand euros. Susan Collis, graduated from Royal College of Art, with a master in sculpture, plays with visual perception, manipulating objects from everyday life, and also with the visitors of her exhibitions, that seldom understand at once her works.

© Susan Collis

Discovered and sustained by Seventeen gallery, London, the series of these super delicate bags, in different colors, have to be added to the precious series of elements in wood, platinum and tissue as in Forever Young. Where have you seen them already? At last edition of Artissima, in Turin. Want to see an exhibition of the artist? Next exhibition will be at Lora Reynolds gallery, Texas, from 14th May.

Seventeen gallery

Lora Reynolds gallery

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