Rainbow design by Julien Carretero

Talking about the international furniture show in Milan, one name to keep in mind is Julien Carretero. Member of the Dutch collective Atelierdorp, Carretero is well known for his unpredictable objects. To Be Continued is the series of two benches and a small table made in colorful polyurethane. The title is not random, because the repetition of colors and shapes is exactly what makes the difference in these works, being every new layer the result of the previous process.

© Julien Carretero

The final project is defective, and it’s difficult to predict it would be better for a lounge room or a museum, but that changeability is exactly the main characteristic of these seats with inconstant look. Another newsworthy project is Drag, composed by various object in colored plaster solidified in semi-circular forms, later attached together. A process traditionally used for the production of ornamental frames, that is for Carretero a way to create lamps, jars, small tables and whatever.

© Julien Carretero

Julien Carretero


Read the article published on Style.it


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