Learning by doing: Annika von Hausswolff

The Swedish artist Annika von Hausswolff presents in her photos motifs of loneliness, frustration and melancholy linking her art to the tradition of surrealism. In her works the viewer finds herself in an almost dreamlike setting where common situations and events transform into something irrational and unreal.  The art of von Hausswolff touches the questions about corporeality, gender and domination. The personage we encounter do not seek contact. Quite the opposite. Their backs are turned and eyes closed. They are physically present but constantly unattainable (e-flux).

For the exhibition Learning by doing in Berlin she wrote: “When visiting Detroit last year, I encountered an abandoned school that caught my particular interest. I was travelling with the economic historian, photographer and researcher Jan Jörnmark, visiting abandoned sites in this school building, I met a peculiar sadness… Drawing from a device by the American philosopher John Dewey (Applied Psychology 1889), I used the more popular pedagogic term “Learning by Doing” to contextualize the images in the exhibition. Learning by Doing is the way to go. The young person who wrote “Suck Good Pussy Every Night” on the blackboard in one of the classrooms knows this. The politicians, who decided to empty the school of teachers and students and leave it to the birds and drug addicts, know this as well.

Baby, i’ve been / Breaking glass / In your room again” (David Bowie)

Invaliden Galerie1

Until 16th April 2011, Berlin

Images in this post are not related to the exhibition


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