We love Aldo Lanzini

Have you ever seen an alien? If is soft and colorful then is from Aldo Lanzini, creator of Illegal Aliens, a project born in 1995 in New York, and continued in Milan, as a tribute to every sort of clandestinity. Aliens are unique, handmade, directly cut on tissue without any preparatory design. Born to underline the value of what and who is different, these handmade works has been all round the world, and were exhibited until November 2010 at Le Case d’Arte gallery. Another production from the same artist is Uncinetti, seen last time at the entrance of Missoni fashion show S/S 2011 when 30 masked people blocked the entrance of Università Statale di Milano, with the complicity of Angela Missoni.

© Jacopo Turrini

Lanzini’s masks and dresses, shooted above by young photographer Jacopo Turrini, are directly projected on the body, based on geometrically inexistent shapes, it is possible to use them straight and upside down. These pictures have been taken from the performance, made in June, in Milan, again in collaboration with Le Case d’Arte gallery. I was working there and i had the chance to participate to the whole creative process: from castings, to fitting, choosing clothes, masks and shoes. Being Aldo’s assistant was a great experience for me, you can find a short video of the final performance in among the links below.

 © Aldo Lanzini

Video: In the pocket the crochet is lighter than the hammer by Aldo Lanzini

View my article about Illegal Aliens published on Style.it


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