Talented Kara Walker

This time, we are writing about the exhibition A negress of noteworthy talent, that will be at Fondazione Merz, Turin. Kara Walker — who will be present at all events — is going to tackle the space of the Fondazione Merz by setting her cut papers in free progressions on the exhibition walls, together with a video-installation, various drawings, as well as collages and egg tempera paintings.

The project focuses on the mythical memory that takes shape within her work: she stages fiercely realistic stories together with sinisterly humorous allegories, which she presents as installations, videos, stage settings, silhouette puppets, moving shadows, room-size tableaux, and collages on various supports, from walls to canvas. But also drawings, tempera, miniatures and large-scale narratives that hover in a particular dimension where the grotesque almost merges into drama. If you want to know more about Kara Walker, please check my previous post here.

Fondazione Merz

25th March – 3rd July 2011

Selected by Ingrid Melano


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